Fingerlings Monkey Review – Why You Want to Have It!

Fingerlings Toy Overview

While you are searching for the best finger monkey toy for your children this holiday time of year, ensure you put Fingerlings on your list in case, they are not there currently.

Read our in-depth Fingerlings monkey review and know why everyone is buzzing about Fingerling being the most popular toy of this year.

And it is no shock why, as you will soon learn.

What are Fingerlings Baby Monkeys?

You know small pygmy marmoset primates that are tiny, they can cling to fingers? They are amazing. The issue is, they are wild animals plus are best left in Amazon Jungle, instead of kept as a pet within your house. The Fingerlings by WowWee offer an equally-lovable robotic alternative.

Fingerling is among the must-have hottest toys for your holiday. They are the interactive plaything that clings to your fingers and reacts to your voice and touch. However, that is only the starting of what it can do.

Fingerling is among the must-have hottest toys for your holiday. They are the interactive plaything that clings to your fingers and reacts to your voice and touch. However, that is only the starting of what it can do.

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Pros & Cons


  1. Easy to carry, lightweight and small.
  2. Perfect for adults and kids. (They are suggested for youngsters ages 5 and up).
  3. Over three dozen animations plus SFX.
  4. Batteries included.
  5. It made from non-toxic, safe ABS plastic.
  6. There is a handy tiny off button on the rear of the monkey’s head to provide you some peace.
  7. You will find an easy-to-follow instructions page that explains you the several ways you may move it to get different responses.
  8. React to touch, motion, and sound.
  9. You could hang those from other stuff like pens, backpacks, and straws. However, what they like best is snagging onto your thumb fingers obviously!
  10. It comes in 6 different colors.
  11. Fun present for friends.
  12. Great news for mum and dad is that they are affordable.


  1. Some customers reported tail fell off.
  2. Beware of cheap knock-offs.
  3. Some online reviewers noticed paintwork slightly sub-standard.
  4. It has no other cons.

Highlighting Features

There are six most famous Fingerling models including Zoe, Finn, Boris, Bella, Mia, and Sophie. Every single has its name and personality. All the toys make the exact range of movements, interactions, and sounds. Not to mention, it is available in 6 unique colors.

They are created to react to all types of sounds and movements. And they will interact with one another, so get them all then name them anything you want. As we found it, Fingerling receives the overall harmony when it comes to simplicity and interaction. And the cost is just correct.

Fingerlings can babble in pet gibberish, say hello, and snore. Clap two times to get the toy to sing out a happy music. When you got more than a single, you shall make those sing together!

How Does It Work?

Here are a few of the exciting ways you may interact with this happy finger monkey pet:

  • Hang upside down for its naughtiness.
  • Touch its head for crazy reaction.
  • Press Fingerling’s head it mimics fart.
  • Try blowing its face to a funny reaction.
  • Shake it softly to get it drift off.
  • Blow kisses; it should kiss you again. Happy monkeys like to get smacked. Although, sometimes you may get a sneeze instead.
  • Clap hands for making these turn around.

In reality, customers can only deal with so much concerning robotics. They love a bit of simplicity, intelligence, loads of automation, and not too much prices. Still, that is what WowWee’s accomplished with Fingerling, its colorful robot-monkeys line.

How Fun is it?

We could not love these small robot finger monkeys any more than our team does. You will fall in love along with these sometimes silly and sweet critters using their:

  • Adorable head turns and blinking eyes.
  • Curly dangling tail.
  • Realistic monkey noises.
  • A small nose, wide-set, smiling, little mouth, large head, and inky black eyes.
  • Its hands will grip. Try a bookcase, handle of the mug or the marker in your home.

Playtime should get a bit wilder with these interactive creatures. You can rock it to sleep that we can presume banana-filled dreamland, hug and kiss them, pet them, and swing them.

This How-To video will present you the right way to trigger all these cool reactions and sounds.Fingerlings: How To Play With Your Baby Monkeys!

Where Can I Buy this Product?

Therefore, now you understand all regarding Fingerlings Monkeys, are not you in love already? We are! Here is where you could get some online!

It is where you are going to face a hard time. In case, you go to sale sites for example Toys ‘R Us, Walmart, and Target, you might find Fingerlings are frequently sold out in your location.

You can yet find the gadgets on Amazon. In case, you are searching for the six original Fingerlings, click the button below that will point you the right place.

Also, you can buy an excellent playground playset or jungle gym for your brand-new buddy to swing, which doubles the fun.

Overall Review:

Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkeys know when they are being talked, touched, even if they are inverted, and like hanging on your fingers. Watch them respond to the globe like a real-life animal.

These adorable mini-monkeys are high-tech gadgets that turn on with more than 40 animations and sounds you will want to have more than a single of these charming monkeys. It is fascinated by the universe around it, beginning with you.

Who would not want an attractive little robot monkey to have fun with playing? Bring house an entertaining, fresh friend. Your little ones will appreciate caring for such little playthings, and they will feel in charge for its wellbeing.


Honestly, they are just cute. WowWee Fingerling toys make lovely gifts for the holiday, or only as a gift for the birthday.

Collect them all plus have a lot more fun along with your new finger monkey toy. In case, you think this Fingerlings monkey review was helpful, do not miss to share on social media!

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